Equine Joint Plus™️ 1.2kg

Equine Joint Plus™️ 1.2kg

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An Australian-made joint supplement for horses, developed with equine veterinarian support.

Bring the twinkle back into your horse’s eyes with our high-quality equine joint supplement, available in a handy 1.2kg bag. Developed with the help of veterinarians, Equine Joint Plus™ is designed to assist with relieving stiffness and joint discomfort due to aging, lameness, and injury. 

Created to support healthy joint function in horses, our Australian-made equine joint supplement contains 5 key ingredients that are clinically proven to reduce inflammation and improve mobility:

🧬 Glucosamine - a crucial building block that helps bones move smoothly together.

🦴 Chondroitin - aids water retention, elasticity, and shock absorption for cartilage & joints.

💦 Hyaluronic acid - high viscoelasticity improves shock absorption and joint support.

🔥 MSM - a natural anti-inflammatory included to assist with joint pain.

🍊 Vitamin C - a natural and effective immune booster.

Grain-free, with no fillers or binders! Just sprinkle the equine joint care supplement into your horse’s feed daily to:

Support healthy joint function,

Reduce pain and inflammation,

Improve mobility and flexibility.

Help your horse live their best life while supporting a family-owned Aussie First Nations company dedicated to improving the lives and comfort of horses Australia-wide.

Add dosage rate to their food and mix well:

* Calculations based on a 500kg - 550kg horse:

1 X 30g twice a day for 14 days (Initial loading dose)

1 X 30g daily there-after

Concentrated Dose based on per 30g scoop:

Glucosamine 9000.00mg

MSM 14031.00mg

Chondroitin 3000.00mg

Vitamin C 3750.00mg

Hyaluronic Acid 100.00mg.

We can approximate the answer based on one horse and one dose per day.  

Bag size 1.2 kg, serving 40, cost per bag $189.00, per serving cost $4.72

Dogs & horses throughout Australia are benefiting from these premium supplements by reducing the effects of arthritis and increasing mobility.

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