Hoof Care Plus - Field Trial Results

Hoof health issues are a common occurrence with horses. Issues with hooves are caused by several factors, mainly poor diet, weather, and conditions of soil/ground.

We set out to develop an equine supplement designed to improve horse hoof issues, which contains biotin and other pertinent ingredients selected to benefit hoof health. Through testing different combinations of ingredients, we have designed an effective hoof product which horses find palatable and has had no adverse side effects reported by owners, farriers, or vets.

We tested the efficacy of our hoof health formula with a 5 Month Field Trial designed to test the hypothesis that the supplement would demonstrate a proven ability to: (A) prevent dry feet, (B) dry a horse’s wet feet, and (C) make the hoof boundaries stronger. The resulting data was assessed by a third-party expert.

Hoof Care Plus was tested on a range of hoof types to assess its efficacy in enhancing hoof health.  Examiners were blinded (they were unaware whether the horse was being given the supplement or a placebo) to ensure unbiased assessments of hoof health.

Hoof Health changes with Hoof Care Plus

Hoof Improvement

All groups hoof condition improvement (%) across time (5 months) with bars to show
standard deviation. The treated group of horses is shown in orange (n = 22) horses while the placebo group is shown in blue (n = 8).

Overall Improvement

A comparison of overall hoof condition improvement (%) between the group that got the hoof supplement and the one that didn't. The treated group of horses is shown in orange (n= 22) while the placebo group is shown in blue (n = 8).

Horses given placebo vs. horses treated with Hoof Care Plus

There was an improvement of on average 74% in the horses treated with our hoof supplement, compared to only 5.6% in the placebo group. The treated group showed a significant improvement when compared to the placebo group at this time. NB: Improvement is 76% if the “excellent” treated horse is excluded.

Hoof Condition in Placebo Group

Hoof Condition in Group given Supplement

Hoof Condition by Initial Hoof Health Rating

Concluding remarks

"There is a statistically significant improvement in your treated group (74% compared to only 5.6 % for Placebo). The treated group has an upwards trend indicating potential further improvement within this group."

The results of our 5 month Field Trial on our hoof supplement showed that horses who were fed the hoof supplement daily exhibited improved hoof health overall.

We'd love you to give it a try on your horses and let us know what results you see over time!