Australia's Premium Joint Supplements for Horses & Dogs

FAQs about Canine Joint Health

While there are breeds that may be predisposed to joint conditions, all dogs can be at risk at some stage in their lives. Injury, commercial diets, illness, and age can all be contributing factors.

Simply sprinkle Canine Joint Plus on wet or dry food and mix in. It's designed to be tasty.

The Field Trial on our joint health product for dogs, Canine Joint Plus, showed that on average group of dogs who were fed the joint health supplement daily exhibited a substantial improvement in all four areas being assessed:

  • 82% showed an improvement in performance
  • 86% showed a reduction in lameness
  • Compliance in training (trainability) improved 37%
  • Emotional state (mood) improved 36%

2-3 weeks.

Our veterinarian-supervised field study showed results early as seven days after it began.

Simply re-seal and store in the pantry cupboard, tack room, or fridge.

FAQs about Equine Joint Plus

We can approximate the answer based on one 500-550kg horse and one dose per day.  

  • Bag size 1.2 kg, RRP $189.00, 40 scoops, per serving cost $4.72
  • Tub size 2 kg, RRP $299.00, 66 scoops, per serving, cost $4.53
  • Tub size 4 kg, RRP $489.00, 133 scoops, per serving, cost $3.67
  • Tub size 10 kg, RRP $889.00333 scoops, per serving, cost $2.66

Based on a 500kg-550kg horse, for daily maintenance, you would feed 1 x 30g scoop of Equine Joint Health.

A 'loading dose' means feeding extra. Feel free to ask us for advice if you think your horse may benefit from a higher daily dose. A loading dose can be beneficial if your horse has recently experienced any of these:

  • Traumatic injury to its joints.
  • Post-operative surgery to joints, ligaments, or cartilage.
  • There is no current use of joint health supplements and you are just beginning Equine Joint Health.
  • Extreme lameness due to arthritis.

A normal loading dose is 1 x 30g scoop, twice a day, for 14 days.

Following this, drop back to the daily maintenance dose for your horse's weight.

Equine Joint Plus contains the following per 30g scoop: 

  • Glucosamine-9000mg
  • Chondroitin-3000mg
  • MSM- 14031mg
  • Vitamin C-3750mg
  • Hyaluronic acid-99mg
  • Molasses Flavour- 120mg (Note this is a flavouring - it does not contain molasses)

Veterinary scientists have calculated the ingredients in this product based on safe daily consumption guidelines.

If there are other products your horse is currently using that contain the above ingredients as Equine Joint Plus, we suggest consulting your horse's vet. 

The consistency of Equine Joint Plus is a fine white powder. Unlike other formulations, this one is fine enough to stick to the feed, reducing the chance of a horse sifting through their feed and dropping it to the bottom. You can also lightly dampen the feed.

The Field Trial on our joint health product for horses, Equine Joint Plus, showed that on average group of horses who were fed the joint health supplement daily exhibited a substantial improvement in all four areas of investigation:

  • 45% increase in performance
  • 95% reduction in lameness
  • Compliance in training (trainability) improved 45%
  • Emotional state (mood) improved 40%

Every horse is unique but normally owners see a change in 2-3 weeks.

Our veterinarian-supervised Field Trial showed results in some horses early as seven days after it began.

Kissing spines may be diagnosed with an x-ray, thermal image, ultrasound, and veterinary examination. Your veterinarian may prescribe anti-inflammatory and corticosteroid injections as part of your horse's medical treatment plan. Kissing Spines causes pain, inflammation, and bone damage.

Equine Joint Plus contains natural ingredients that may work well with other pain and inflammation treatments.

Read our reviews page to see testimonials from customers who have used Equine Joint Plus for Kissing Spines.

"No words can express how grateful I am that I put my horse on this product. We found out a few months back that my big boy has Kissing spine after months of not knowing why he was sore and had a very irritable personality. After putting him on Equine Joint Plus he is finally happy, his movement is so much better, and he has his goofy personality back. He always seemed very grumpy in his paddock, telling off his paddock mates for even getting close to him and rarely wanting attention from people. Now, he plays with his friends, giving them scratches and kisses at every chance he gets. When he sees me coming into the paddock he happily walks up for pats and never wants me to leave. Thank you. Thank you so much for giving me my boy back it makes me so happy to see he is finally comfortable, and he can be a joyful horse again. I would 100% recommend this product. I would give it 10 stars if possible." - Eliza B July 2022

Clicking of joints in horses has been attributed to the following possible theories:

  • Bony parts of a joint rub against each other
  • Snapping of a tendon over or around a joint
  • The ligament tightens rapidly as the joint moves and clicks back into place.
  • A rapid appearance or disappearance of nitrogen bubbles results from the manipulation of joint fluid.

In older or high-performance horses, this problem may result from immaturity, lack of conditioning, or arthritic changes.

As arthritic changes occur, the body slowly stops producing the natural occurrence of Glucosamine, chondroitin, Hyaluronic acid, MSM, and Vitamin C, leaving the joint less lubricated, causing friction, pain, and inflammation.

Equine Joint Plus contains all five ingredients and is a natural supplement designed to replenish horses' aging joints.

Read our testimonials to see stories from customers who have used Equine Joint Plus for clicking in their horses' joints.

"I have been using the Equine Joint Plus on my 15yo OTTB who had a very uncomfortable click for a month now. I have noticed a massive improvement with clicking decreasing drastically, and a massive difference in his work ethic because he isn’t in as much pain anymore." -  Amity Whitaker, 15 November 2021

FAQs about Hoof Health Plus

For a 500-550kg horse, the daily dose is 2 X 30g scoop once a day, so 60g total.

  • Tub size 1.8kg, servings for approximately 30 days for a 500kg horse.
  • Tub size 5kg, servings for approximately 83 days for a 500kg horse.

The results of our Field Trial on our hoof health product, Hoof Care Plus, showed that group of horses who were fed the hoof supplement daily exhibited significantly improved hoof health (74%), compared to only 5.6 % for the control group - and the results from the treated horses indicated that over time they would continue to enjoy even healthier hooves.

On average horses hooves grow the thickness of a sheet of paper a day - so it takes a while for that to add up to a visible band of healthier stronger growth below the coronet. After a month you should see a cleaner looking band emerging at the top of your horse's hooves. Feel free to send us a photo and ask any questions you have.

The rate and quality of hoof growth varies, just as it does in our fingernails. Because the distance from the coronet to the ground is shorter at the heels than at the toe, heel horn at the ground surface is always younger than toe horn. For a complete new capsule it may take 8-12 months.