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Like us, we bet you’d do anything for your dog or horse. That’s why it makes sense to invest in their joint health to maintain that twinkle in their eye and spring in their step!

Equine & Canine Joint Care Supplement Range

Explore our joint care products packed with vital ingredients - and no fillers! Designed commitment and passion and made in an APVMA & GMP-approved facility to provide unparalleled care for your beloved mates.

Quality of Life is Our Top Priority

We know that arthritis and joint deterioration can get in the way of everyday living for your animals. Aussie Joint Health is committed to helping dogs and horses live their best life by enhancing joint health and reducing pain and inflammation. Our Equine & Canine Joint Plus products contain key ingredients that are clinically proven to ease pain and improve mobility.


Why We Care So Much About Your Four-legged Friend

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Your Dog Or Horse Deserves Only The Best

Made in an APVMA & GMP-approved facility

We only use human-grade premium ingredients

Grain-free with no fillers or binders

Developed alongside vets & nutritionists

Finest powder to improve absorption

Proudly made right here in Australia

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Safeguards joint composition, ensuring seamless movement.


Targets arthritis pain with natural anti-inflammatory properties.


Strengthens immunity and lessens the effects of joint diseases.


Naturally replenishes declining glucosamine, restoring joint cushioning.


Ensures optimal cartilage function, aiding in movement.

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The Voice Of Our Customers


Canine Joint Plus has worked wonders on my old arthritic dog, he’s back to acting like a young dog running around playing with our others. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Naomi Hills

My Boxer loves the taste of Canine Joint Plus on her evening meal and she is not limping as much as originally.

John Christy

My dogs love the taste of the Canine Joint powder, and they truly benefit from the use of it. I ran out and forgot to order more, and I really noticed the difference between my sporting boy and older girl. Won't be forgetting to order again!

Rem 06

Such an amazing product! My Amstaff had double patella surgery 9 months ago. Didn't want to keep him on monthly injections so started him on Canine Joint Plus a few months ago and I'm so grateful I did.

Ann-Maree Migale

Guaranteed By Our Company

APVMA-approved facility for manufacturing and packaging.

Our products are developed with the help of veterinarians and veterinarian scientists.

We gladly provide our customers with a 7-day money back guarantee.

Celebrating our Kamilaroi heritage, we're a proudly Australian-owned brand.