Equine Joint Plus - Field Trial Results

See the science of the results beyond the sales pitch. We put our equine joint health supplement to the test in real-world environments; and the impressive results speak for themselves.

A 7 week vet-assisted Field Trial was conducted in May 2021. All data was examined and calculated by an independent scientist.

Equine Joint Plus is a blend of high-quality compounds
designed to support your horse's joint health for improved comfort and performance. Based on this study, participants identified several important benefits of using Equine Joint Plus supplement for their horses joint health.

Our joint health supplement was given to horses of different disciplines, ages, fitness levels, and health conditions to determine the effectiveness of our formula.

Performance & Lameness changes with Equine Joint Plus

Throughout a 7-week study, the horse trainers fed the Equine Joint Plus joint supplement at the recommended dose, and assessed the performance of their horses in a manner relevant to their respective training programs. On average, improvements of 25% were noted by the end of the third week of treatment. This trend continued, resulting in a 45% average performance improvement by week 7.

We treated 40 horses with our equine joint health formula, and 20 of them had intermittent to severe lameness before treatment. In the first 3 weeks of receiving our equine joint health supplement, 35% of the horses no longer exhibited lameness. The trend improved by week seven when 95% of the horses in the study showed no lameness.

Within the placebo group, who did not receive the joint supplement for horses, two horses exhibited lameness before the study, with no improvement indicated by the end of the study (Figure 2).

Compliance & Mood changes with Equine Joint Plus

In the 7-week Field Trial period, trainers assessed the horses' willingness to comply with training instructions.

According to the trainers, horses showed a 22% increase in compliance after 3 weeks of receiving the Equine Joint Plus joint supplement As the study progressed, the trend increased, with compliance increasing on average by 45% after 7 weeks of joint health treatment.

As maintaining a positive emotional state in our equine partners is of the utmost importance to many of our customers, we asked owners to assess the changes in their horses' mood over the 7-week period of treatment with our equine joint health supplement. By the third week of the joint health Field Trial, the horses' moods improved, on average, by 23%. By week 7, the mood of the horses on Equine Joint Plus improved by 40%.

Horses treated with placebos (they did not receive the joint health supplement) showed only an 18% improvement in mood and compliance after 7 weeks.

Vet-Supervised Field Trial

Overwhelming Success

On average the horses treated with our joint supplement, Equine Joint Plus, exhibited a substantial improvement in all four of our main areas of investigation: Performance, Train-ability (compliance in training), Emotional State (mood) and Lameness assessment (reduced lameness).

After completing a 7-week Trial of Equine Joint Plus - as judged by you, our impartial customers - we are confident that you will also be happy with our equine joint health supplement, and the changes you see in your horses.