Your dog's arthritis can be affected by its weight.

You might not know that overweight dogs are at a greater risk of Diabetes, Joint Conditions, Heart Disease, Mobility Issues, and even early death.

Overfeeding your dog can be harmful. Make sure your dog's weight is appropriate for its age and breed by talking to your vet. Try to implement a healthy diet and foods that can reduce arthritis. Always keep in mind that there are foods for everyday use and foods for special treats. Your dog's joints can become overloaded if it's overweight. Being overweight can negatively affect their general health and aggravate their pain.

Some foods may help reduce joint inflammation, and others may aggravate arthritis symptoms.

The consumption of carbohydrates such as grains, wheat, rice, and corn may contribute to weight gain. A flare-up of arthritis may be caused by eggplant, peppers, and white potatoes. It has been suggested that salmon and sardines contain omega-3, which may function as an anti-inflammatory.

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