Kissing Spines - The Most Common Cause Of Back Pain In Horses


Kissing Spines - The Most Common Cause Of Back Pain In Horses

What is Kissing Spines (Baastrup's sign)?

There is a condition called kissing spines in which two or more vertebrae overlap or touch. Unfortunately, the exact cause of the problem is unknown. The underlying issue may also be a degenerative condition that develops over time, like arthritis. Physical demands placed on the horse may contribute to kissing spines. Poorly fitted or incorrect-sized saddles may also contribute to kissing spines. The horses may have hollow backs, carry themselves with their head up, and not engage core muscles without proper training.
Horses can develop kissing spines anywhere along the spine. Generally, it affects vertebrae 13-18, with 15 being the most likely.
Unwilling to jump, an extreme degree of stiffness, unpredictable behavior when ridden, such as rearing, bucking, or bolting, performance is poor, and when brushed or groomed, the animal becomes irritable. These could be signs of kissing spines.
To diagnose kissing spines, a veterinarian will examine the horse, conduct x-rays of the spine, perform thermal imaging to locate the source of heat, and ultrasound. Horses with kissing spines will be more comfortable with the correct treatment. Your veterinarian may prescribe anti-inflammatory and corticosteroid injections as part of your horse's medical treatment plan. An Equine Rehabilitation Therapist may recommend daily exercises to promote a horse's mobility. Acupuncture, Chiropractic, and ultrasound treatment may help relieve pressure points. The symptoms of kissing spines include pain, inflammation, and bone damage.

The ingredients in Equine Joint Plus, such as glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid, may reduce inflammation and tissue damage caused by kissing spines.

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