Meet the Team


Kurt Gacki:

CEO/ Founder

Our CEO/founder Kurt's goal is to help as many family pets as possible. Kurt has more than 20 years of experience treating animals for arthritis, joint problems, injuries, and post-surgery rehabilitation. When Kurt's Border Collie Raymond was diagnosed with arthritis, he inspired the creation of Aussie Joint Health.


Tiff Gacki:

General Manager

Our General Manager, Tiff, oversees the whole operations of Aussie Joint Health. She holds a Certificate 4 in Leadership and Business Management and has over 25 years of experience in business management. In addition, she holds a Certificate in Animal Health and Welfare.

She is also a passionate dog lover, competing in agility competitions with her Border Collie, Mirri.

Donna Check:

Marketing Manager

Donna is our Marketing Manager who loves her job. Donna's favorite thing is reading all the testimonials from clients. Champ, Donna's Labrador, is the pride and joy of her life.

Jules Parkes:

Customer Liaison Officer

Jules is our Customer Liaison Officer. Jules handles all orders and enjoys getting to know our customers through follow-up phone calls. Since we know you aren't just a number, Jules provides a personal touch to our business. Jules is a crazy Chihuahua lover since she has a Chihuahua of her own, Lily-Rose.

Francesca Camm:

Finance Manager

Fran is responsible for all aspects of finance & accounts in the business.



Aussie Joint Health was awarded the Best Pet Care Service Award in 2022. Thanks to our incredible team and customer nominations, we were able to accomplish this.